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Feel Nomad

Yurt Camp 


April – October


From 20 USD per person


10 yurts up to 4 people each


Issyk Kul lake/Ak Say village

Feel Nomad Yurt Camp is an absolutely unique and fabulous place.

Authentic national yurts are located on the route of the Great Silk Road in a place that is unlike anything else in Kyrgyzstan. On the one hand, it is surrounded by endless canyons created by water and wind for thousands of years. At the tops of the canyons, one can see the specks of shells, which means that previously the whole area was under the waters of Lake Issyk-Kul. Thus, the walk will be supplemented with unexpected findings and vivid impressions.

On the other side is an endless blue surface of the lake, surrounded by white snow peaks of the mighty Kungei Ala-Too ridge.

Practically deserted wilderness, which is unknown even to the majority of local residents, is now a place of seclusion with nature, culture, traditions and life of the Kyrgyz people.

Here every guest can find something to like: to relax from the bustle of the city, work, social networks, polluted air, stress and rush. You can stay in the national yurt, stroll through the canyons, relax on the beach, ride a horse, bike or kayak, draw a landscape, take a stunning photoshot or do meditation in the warm rays of the stunning sunset.

During the breaks between your adventures, we will take you on an unusually delicious gastronomic journey through the cuisine of Central Asia for some time. Together with us you will learn how to make Boorsok and flatbread (traditional bread), get acquainted with the recipe of pilaf at the fire, try yourself in the production of delicious lagman.

We also took care of the leisure activities of large groups and families. You will be able to participate in the group assembly of the national yurt, under the guidance of the best in this business, masters. By the way, still occupy the first place in the world in terms of assembly speed.

The best representatives of Salbuurun (hunters with eagles) will help you to feel like a hunter and a nomad. Just imagine how you hold a beautiful graceful bird in your hand, ride a horse with it, shoot with archery at targets, and after that you will have photos, emotions and memory for life.

We can write endlessly about the new Feel Nomad yurt camp, exhibit thousands of photos for you, but neither of them will convey the whole atmosphere of this place. Be a discoverer with us, feel like a nomad – feel freedom

Available activities

Culinary show

Yurt building show



Horseback riding


How to get here
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Price B&B

1 Person

40 USD

Group of 2

50 USD 

Group of 3

65 USD 

Group of 4

80 USD 

*contact us if you have a group more than 4 people

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