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Mountain bike tours

Cycle the most beautiful mountains

If you are a big fan of outdoor activities and landscape lover, If you are passionate about bike trips and you love setting the goal and reaching it? Then high mountain passes are just temporary difficulties on the way to something truly amazing. Bike tours in Kyrgyzstan are all about it.

Surrounded by mountains, lakes, forests it has an unlimited number of spots for mountain bike trails. Each can find his favorite bike trek depending on experience, level of fitness, type of trail, landscape and other preferences. Be sure any trail will give you a unique and magic experience combined with tons of fun during this journey.

The duration of treks may vary so much. It can be short daily trails around one particular city or destination, in case you want to add biking to your tour program and feel the taste of real mountain bike adventure mixed with other experiences.
Or we can offer you a huge overland biking expedition up to 7-14 days. In this case, you will ride about 900-1300km by your bike and go through all, must visit places of Kyrgyzstan, such as Burana tower, Song Kul Lake, mind-blowing mountains passes up to 4000m above the sea level, Kazarman village, Kel Suu lake, Kochkor village, Issyk Kul Lake and many others.

Even if it is 3 days or 14 days bike adventure you will experience local culture, nature, hospitality and food in both options. Our routes are designed in a way that each combines the major features of Kyrgyz culture. You will dive into real Sheppard’s life, have lunch with them in a yurt and spend some nights falling asleep in an authentic yurt. Tents and sleeping bags are also necessary because there are so many stunning places to camp and have a beautiful night under the millions of stars and the Milky Way.

 We are not limited with only these options and ready to tailor your adventure at your special request.
Book the best biking journey with Feel Nomad and get immersed into unforgettable experience surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and landscapes.

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According to your needs and preferences
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