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Hello visitors. We want to share the story of Feel Nomad with you, so you have an image of what our focus is in the tourism market of Kyrgyzstan; to describe our expertise and experience and how we differ from hundreds of other local tourism companies.

We are a union of founders, who originally met during our involvement in an impactful international project. One of the main goals of this project was the development of Kyrgyzstan as a touristic destination and an increase of international awareness about this undiscovered part of the world.

Each of us was working in different fields, some in marketing the country and tourism-related IT products, others in development of individual destinations in the rural regions of Kyrgyzstan. Some of us have previous experience making stunning trips and itineraries across our beautiful country. Others have worked in transportation and logistics. Taken together we’ve amassed expansive experience in developing brand new touristic products, discovering new trails and mountain bike options, establishing new relations with partners, and making fascinating itineraries for blogger and media’s supported trips. After several years of our work, international awareness of and interest in Kyrgyzstan raised so high, that in Lonely Planet’s ‘Top 10 Destinations for 2019’, Kyrgyzstan ranked in 5th place.

But this excellent original project had a limited timeframe and had to finish it’s work by 2018, leaving Feel Nomad Travel as a legacy to continue the main objective of developing touristic attractiveness of the country and giving tourists an opportunity to visit the most beautiful and culturally diverse places in Kyrgyzstan.

Our combination of skills in tourism, transportation, logistics, project management, product development, social media, photography, language proficiency, and a great passion for travel helps us fulfill our aim of providing high quality service to our customers. We work hard to give our guests very fast solutions to their requests and to offer unique experiences that they would not find any where else.

We’re also quite proud to support socially responsible and sustainable tourism in our country. More significantly, we work to support female entrepreneurs across Kyrgyzstan, a growing cadre of small to medium enterprise business owners with a passion for developing the tourism sector in a manner inclusive to all members of local society.

How do we do this? The answer is easy.
There are some places in Kyrgyzstan which are well promoted and very popular; most travelers organize tours to visit them . We can also offer these to you.
However, this is just the top of the iceberg. The real adventures are hidden, and only we are able to tell you more about brand new destinations, and the incredible products you can experience there.

Why? Because in fact we are the cofounders of these amazing experiences. We were there when everything was forming, and we were testing everything ourselves. We know each destination from the inside out.

We’re constantly looking for new attractions and products, not to limit ourselves with the standard tour options which are common in Kyrgyzstan. We go beyond these, and offer you the opportunity to to go there with us.

You will not find all our tours on the website – it just isn’t possible to post such a large amount of information. We can organize everything that you can read about in any guide book.Plus we can offer:
52 newly established trekking routes in all regions
40 newly developed tour products
20 + Horse treks
15 brand new mountain biking routes
Several paragliding and kayaking tours.
And 4 major destinations besides Bishkek and Karakol for winter tourism and freeride skiing.
As well as custom itineraries to fulfill any adventure you can dream up.

The best solution is to click this contact button and ask us any questions you may have. You will get a full overview, with customized itineraries which fit your personal likes, wishes, and travel preferences.

Feel free to contact us to make yourself Feel Nomad in Kyrgyzstan.

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